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We are one of the fastest-growing liquidity providers for exchange-traded funds and products (ETFs & ETPs). While we provide bid and ask prices for a wide range of assets, our tried-and-tested proficiency lies in smart pricing, reliable presence and quoting even the most difficult and esoteric products.

Throughout the trading day:

  • We quote more than 2000 products
  • Your products get visibility across all major European exchanges
  • Your products get competitive spreads
  • Your products are quoted consistently, even in volatile markets
  • You can navigate even the most complex markets with our help
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We execute 75% of our total traded volume in equity ETFs. We cover all major world and sector indices. To maximise trading opportunities for our clients, we provide liquidity throughout Europe, North America, Asia, Russia, South Africa as well as emerging economies in China, Middle East, Latin America, Brazil and India.

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In 2013, our Head of Business Development and Arbitrage Trader, Levon launched the first ETFs on the Moscow Exchange. Currently we are the only market maker quoting all existing ETFs in Russia. Read more about Levon’s journey on our Careers page.

Improve your

fixed income

Fixed income is increasingly becoming a focus of ours. We offer a wide range of maturities and durations for our fixed income ETFs: our experts advise on Sovereigns, US, European and Global Investment Grade and High Yield and Emerging Markets bond ETFs. We also provide quotes for many more such as Global Aggregates and inflation-linked.


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We maintain quotes in a broad range of ETFs and Exchange-Traded Commodities, tracking different commodities, including the full range of precious metals – gold, silver, platinum – and some commodity indices, providing liquidity to investors seeking to diversify their portfolios.

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While the esoteric, or theme-based ETF, is not a novelty anymore, there are not many market-makers that cater to this category. We successfully provide bid and ask quotes on specific country-themed ETFs such as Bulgaria, and we take great pride into being the first to quote Multi-Assets ETFs. We also happily put forward ESG initiatives and can answer any concerns you may have when launching Actively Managed funds.

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We also look at innovative sector-specific ETFs, such as the medical cannabis and wellness fund CBDX. When capitalising on economic disruption, these ground-breaking funds can offer a brilliant market entry for smaller providers and a portfolio diversification for retail investors. 

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As constant innovators in the financial ecosystem, we are closely watching new opportunities in the market. We are currently conducting active discussions on market-making cryptocurrency ETPs.

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market making

Our role as market maker is to combine leading financial technology with human expertise and accountability to maintain a fair and balanced market for an efficient exchange of securities. Market makers reduce volatility, enhance liquidity and ensure exchange-traded products trade at their fair prices.

Without market makers there would be little or no liquidity, and implicitly worst prices to trade. We also provide proactive oversight of the value of the underlying securities inside an ETF unit.

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Our technology and extended ETF expertise allow us to offer competitive pricing on a wide range of products. We are able to meet liquidity demands for a diverse group of clients, in most market conditions, while reducing risk in adverse forecasts.

By partnering with us, ETF providers can enjoy a seamless trading experience and have the security that support, feedback and transparent dialogue is available at all times during the day.

Unique solutions

Our creative technology solutions and diverse trading expertise offer a unique market-making experience for our clients. We focus on delivering bespoke strategies for your trading requirements.

Competitive pricing

Our extensive experience means we strive to offer the tightest spreads for our customers, by being flexible, advising and refining the pricing strategies.

Product maturity

We care beyond the trading experience. Along the years we identified products in need of our attention. Through advice and close monitoring, we were able to develop and bring them to maturity.

Innovative diversity

Diversity is not only a company-wide value, but also an asset when it comes to financial innovation. We strongly believe that thinking out of the box can create opportunities for our clients, be it through a diversified offering, original quantitative strategies or innovative technology.

Problem solving

We thrive on turning challenges into opportunities. If you are struggling with achieving a tighter spread at the top of the book, developing a new product, or making your assets available to wider markets, reach out and let’s explore the right way of achieving your goals.

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