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As a financial technology company, we truly believe there are no limits to what can be developed. We imagined full autonomy over our system covering the entire process from trade inception to trade execution.

A fully tracked and automated trade lifecycle in a compact digital format is what our present looks like with a view towards the future. The next step is for big data modelling and AI integration to enhance the process further and allow granular refinement at every step of the order lifecycle.

where technology

meets our values

When we imagined the transformation of GHCO, we understood that the first step towards the future we envisioned was developing our own proprietary platforms. Tech is core to our business and software development is integrated into everything we do.


Our passion for innovation and setting higher standards in market making would not be possible without the technology to enable it.


Where creativity meets technology, no problem is left unanswered.


As one we stand strong, but only through strategic partnerships we will make a difference.

What this means to

the asset managers we work with


We can offer transparency at a greater level than any other market maker. For any question on pricing our clients may have, we guarantee to have an answer.


Technology is what allows us to be fiercely competitive. By continuously investing in the latest tools and resources, we can price as competitively as possible for ETF providers across the world.


Having full control of our systems in-house means we can retain full visibility and the opportunity to make swift changes.

Our main


Our partnerships allow us to pursue the best course of action without ever compromising due to lack of time, or resources. Fast, reliable and powerful enough to provide us with the best results, they help us convert our imagination into practical results for our clients.



Alongside Velox, we are able to re-imagine the future of trading thanks to a superior, more efficient code architecture. With an integrated platform that stretches across the entire order lifecycle, we are able to integrate more resources in the development process. Their framework is the fabric that connects traders, developers and information in a tight-knit, streamlined infrastructure that enables an aggregate view of systems and data sets.

trading solutions


Our partnership with Redline is key in gaining a competitive advantage in high-frequency trading and achieving out-of-the-box integration into all the venues we trade. With cutting-edge technology in ultra-low latency, they bring a wealth of experience to help us deliver higher-quality quotes and executions. Redline gives us access to a wide range of markets, a vital asset in our quest to identify opportunities and minimise risk.

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the etf data specialist


Ultumus is essential to getting complete data sets in the ETF market. As one of the most innovative start-ups in financial technology, we found a shared vision in the need for reliable, accurate data and continuous optimisation. Our mutual approach to always refine and improve technology solutions was the cornerstone of a long-term, sustainable partnership. Ultumus remains an instrumental collaborator in our pursuit for optimal pricing.

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in their

own words

  • GHCO has been an invaluable partner for more than 3 years – we share a mutual appreciation in the pursuit of a correct and complete data set for the ETF ecosystem. We focus on getting and formatting the data and GHCO helps us validate and expand the dataset specifically for market making. On top of that, we have a common profound interest in using innovative technology to reach our goal.

    Bernie Thurston
    CEO, Ultumus
  • One of the core GHCO goals has been to innovate and differentiate their business through technology. We are delighted that the developer productivity they are achieving with the Velox application platform gives them the freedom and confidence to build specialized mission critical trading tools in a fraction of the time and move beyond the confines of traditional vendor trading platforms.

    Jon Butler
    CEO, Velox
every new partnership

starts with a conversation

We’re always receptive to new ideas and projects that can transform the trading lifecycle, improve and innovate the current technology or take it to the next level with artificial intelligence and use of big data.

If you have ideas that you’d like to share, get in touch and let’s imagine the future together.