Unlocking potential

through diversity and inclusion

Imagine. Develop. Implement. Refine. Start again. This is the work we do here at GHCO. We don’t operate in a vacuum. Competition is essential to the marketplace, not only for the accountability we have to price discovery, but for the collective benefit of our end client. Our goal is to provide a more competitively priced marketplace through continuous price improvement and I have absolute confidence in our ability to do that.

Dan Izzo
Limitless possibilities for

incredible growth

Built with young, fresh talent, a sometimes-geeky team that thrives off challenge, innovation and solving problems with creativity and resourcefulness. 

Here at GHCO we believe in a flat structure that removes the red tape in favour of access, opportunities and growth.

A truly

international team

Our strength does not only derive from hiring the most talented people. GHCO is shaped by many individual experiences, a rich cultural variety and unique expertise, all brought together under a single common goal – the desire to make a difference through the work we do.

We take pride in a truly international team that fosters an open-minded approach to solving problems and delivering the best results for our clients.

These are the languages you’ll hear on our trading floor…


Italian, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Hindi, Marathi5%
the best investment

is in our people

We strive to offer our team the best opportunities when it comes to employment. And while our people are essential to the work we do, we understand that their career is important to them.

We offer career development opportunities, reward initiative, encourage variety and support a healthy life-work balance. Here’s how we do it:

The expected


  • Competitive Salary
  • Career development opportunities
  • 25-day holidays + bank holidays
  • WFH policy covering all hardware requirements
  • Comprehensive pension plan
  • Private health insurance via Vitality Health
The unexpected


  • Casual work environment - no need for a suit, unless that’s your preferred attire
  • Free breakfast from the company's kitchen
  • Free lunch delivered
  • Regular team gatherings
  • 50% off gym membership via Vitality Health
  • Your birthday off

the team

Working at GHCO means more than just a job. You will develop lifelong friendships, learn new skills, discover new abilities and be part of something greater. To each one of us, GHCO stands for something different. Whether it’s diversity, inclusion, creativity, support, commitment or career development, we all find meaning at GHCO.

All of our

Different Roles



Development roles are at the heart of GHCO – more than half of our company writes code on a daily basis. As a financial technology company, we continuously think and re-think our tech infrastructure. We encourage all of our team members to take part in building our systems and in bringing new ideas. You will get the freedom to create and to apply the most cutting-edge technologies in order to keep us at the forefront of market making. Are you up for the challenge? 

Quantitative Trading


Our traders are extremely reactive and thrive in both fast-paced and complex environments. They analyse tremendous amounts of data on a daily basis to set up quoting and hedging strategies. They also constantly question the status quo: why are we pricing like this? Can we be more efficient? The trading roles at GHCO do not stand alone, there is a permanent dialogue with development and operations to reach maximum efficiency, maximum capital allocation, with minimum risk. 



Our operations team regroups multiple functions: Middle & Back Office, Finance & Accounting, Compliance, HR and more! These responsibilities are essential to a smooth running of the company. From onboarding new ETF providers, new partners or new team members, to timely trade settlement and mitigating all sorts of technical or legal risks, to making sure GHCO upholds the highest standards, our operations team is key to our success. 

how to


We favour an informal recruitment process. Check out the section below to apply to open positions. If there are no open position that fits your profile, you can fill this form here to be considered for upcoming openings.

One of our colleagues will then invite you for an introductory call, followed by a video call, or a meeting with a couple of members from the hiring team.  

This is where you will tell us about your journey, your achievements and your passions. If you’re applying for a technical role, you should expect a few brainteasers and we will work with you on a small project to showcase your skills.


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Head of people

We hope that GHCO’s impact is to ultimately achieve more transparency to finance, help bring more investments to some of the world’s most niche countries and sectors and overall a salient contribution to a more stable economic system.

Stefan Kaba-Ferreiro
Head of Trading