Making Markets

Making opportunities

GHCO  is one of the fastest-growing liquidity providers specialising in exchange traded funds. As a financial technology company in the trading sector, our goal is to make ETFs accessible in every market worldwide. We achieve this by building long-term relationships and identifying the best opportunities through the technology and expertise we cultivate.

Whether it is tight spreads, a reliable presence at market open, advising on product maturity or providing service for the more niche, esoteric products, we consistently deliver the best results for our ETF providers.


ETF specialists

Since early beginnings, we have come a long way and established a presence in the ETF market making scene through performance and experienced trading.

The current leadership continues to build on that legacy, with a passion for innovation and a thirst for turning challenges into opportunities, developing proprietary trading systems and quantitative strategies.

Today, GHCO trades in most developed and emerging markets and hosts a strong portfolio of diverse ETFs. But our true competitive advantage lies in the talent we recruit and develop in-house.

We have over 11 different nationalities who collectively speak a number of 13 different languages. With over 25% female representation in the company, we aim to be an equal opportunities employer committed to hiring the best talent for all technical or non-technical roles. More than half of the team works on developing the financial technology that allows us to be the best ETF market maker for our ETF providers.

We are an innovative and

entrepreneurial team

Our company is now an equal mix of professional traders and technology, brought together by a collective mission to: 

  • Making accessible markets with transparent ETF pricing strategies that ensure marginal market impact
  • Providing liquidity in depth and breadth through a comprehensive mix of financial products that can support any market volatility
  • Ensuring the most competitive ETF structuring and pricing, with cutting edge technology, spread refinement and strong expertise

We excel at creating bespoke strategies to suit your circumstances

Investing in people is what makes us different

From asset managers to partners and colleagues, our greatest asset is the relationships we foster every day. We believe in collaboration, sincere feedback and a fair and open work environment that stimulates growth and encourages creative solutions.

Your assets, our expertise, the finest pricing

Through close relationships and expertise we enjoy a positive reputation with all major ETF providers and other service providers. We know spread is important for every asset manager and that is why we work closely with you, to determine the best price improvement strategy. 

Numbers are important but diversity is key

We trade in a diverse range and size, but, unlike most market makers, we cover even the most esoteric products, so that you can have the reassurance your ideas have a place in the market.

Leverage technology to breed innovation

The purpose of an ETF market maker – providing liquidity – wouldn’t be possible without the technology to support it. We invest in proprietary algorithms and complementary solutions, so that our trading systems and quantitative strategies enable our experts to make the best decisions for you. 

Your part

in this adventure

We leverage our traders’ extensive experience and our developers’ creative ideas to provide liquidity on and off all major exchanges. We work with the biggest ETF providers, deliver the most efficient spreads and serve even the least known products. Our entrepreneurial spirit combined with the passion for technology, means we are always solving problems, pursuing challenges as we remain committed to delivering the best results.

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