How ETFs can win more women in investment

article by Roxane Sanguinetti published on Fundeye

Countless studies show that many women hold back when it comes to talking about finances, eight in ten women confess they have refrained from discussing their finances with those they are close to.

A recent conversation with my friend, Emilie Bellet, CEO at Vestpod and best-selling author of “You’re Not Broke You’re Pre-Rich” made me realise that although there’s a media frenzy on balancing the gender gap in financial investment, there’s really a lot of work to do on the how.

I am lucky to work in a team where knowledge primes over gender, but I have a natural interest in making this knowledge accessible to everyone. This is how I came to understand that exchange traded funds (ETFs) can be the solution to making investment more appealing to women.

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