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financial markets
Learn More Let us market makers worry about spreads and liquidity, while you focus on what matters – bringing new exchange-traded products to market and growing your funds to maturity.


Reliability is essential.

We are market makers, committed to ensuring ETF liquidity, in a transparent and sustainable way by supporting our ETF providers, partners and colleagues even through the most testing of times.

Every contract matters.

We adapt and use the best expertise and technology available, to deliver product development through to maturity, tight spreads and reliable support. Always in a transparent way.

Leveraging diversity to excel in every market.

From the culture we promote at work to the assets we represent, we believe diversity is key to unlocking potential. 

We don’t just provide liquidity and proactive oversight of your ETFs, we support you so that you can develop, improve and grow your products to maturity

With in-house technology and strategic partnerships, we are able to showcase excellence in executing the best prices, offering advice and responding very fast to changes in the market.

While ETFs are our speciality, we also provide bid and ask prices for a wide range of underlying assets and we have the expertise to quote even the most difficult and esoteric products.

Our expertise and reliable service means that your assets will always be our priority. We pledge maximum performance in normal market conditions, minimum disruption in volatile market conditions, greatest transparency for our pricing methodology and minimum response time to asset managers’ queries. 

As a financial technology company, we see

no limits to what can be built

Our proprietary systems and algorithms are consistently developed in-house and through strategic partnerships to provide a seamless trading experience. 

With a diverse range of products we support, and daily transactions at accelerated speed, we wouldn’t be able to execute the best quoting strategies without the right technology in place.

We can offer transparency at a greater level than any other market maker. By continuously investing in the latest tools and resources, we can price as competitively as possible for asset managers across the world.

we believe in


We provide liquidity in global markets and offer quoting strategies, recommendations and feedback on thousands of assets. Making quick and confident decisions matters. Our visibility on international exchanges at the right time is essential.

That’s why we enlisted a few strategic partners to complement the technology we deploy. As a result, we are able to execute trades faster than ever before, gain insight at a granular level greater than any other market maker and ensure our presence across major world exchanges is undeterred.

Our long-term focus is to develop sustainable relationships with far-reaching impact. If you want to be a part of our journey, reach out.


We always welcome new ideas, new ETF providers, new partners. If you would like to become a part of the team, please check our careers page and get in touch.

Reach out and let’s start making a difference.